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So what is ladies and mens chatterbox all about you may ask ??

 You may have heard us talking about this site in our chatterbox chatroom. Well  here we are, So please feel free to browse around and maybe put some faces to some names you have been chatting to in our room .

If however you have stumbled across this site with out entering our chatroom , Please feel free to join us in our 

chatterbox chatroom on the WINMX peer network at :



The room`s Host/Manager is Mystereez

please download winmx from the link below.

once your on the winmx site below click on ..WINMX 3.54b4.. in the middle top of the page . its hightlighted in blue ... this setup should work for all windows users 

If you have any problems or just need help setting up winmx pls go to the help page  below


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